Sunday, 18 July 2010

Looking Forward: The Eyes Have It

The chickens have been counted.

Maggie has been keeping her food down really well. She's hardly vomited at all. Except when she's had a cough. And even then it was a minimal amount.

She's also continuing to sleep through the night. She wakes early though: around 6am. Still, it's a vast improvement on what was happening before.

She's happier. Much happier. Which makes her more responsive and easier to deal with.

And here's a thing:

We took her to have her eyes tested last Monday. We knew she could see. But given the way she acts, combined with her squints, we worried that she couldn't see too well.

As it turns out, she can see very well indeed. Which means all sorts of good things in terms of her future development and learning.

Actually, I'm being a bit too laid back about this.

We were, of course, absolutely over the moon. Really, really happy.

It's another positive step forward. For her and for us.

And I have to say that although I always seem to be moaning about the NHS and the consultants, the doctors who examined Maggie's eyes were great. Not just because they were the bearers of good news but because they communicated well, they offered good advice and they were extremely professional and friendly throughout.

So she can see. She's keeping her food down. And she's sleeping through the night.

It just gets better and better.

More soon.


  1. Thats great news ,

    My daughter was in intensive care for 3 months (she was born at 23 weeks) and the staff at the Norfolk and Norwich where fantastic , she`s had various operation and we still have to take regular trips up to the hospital , i know what a relief it can be to hear good news i hope it carries on @dazzx