Wednesday, 11 August 2010


We often say to people: "Alice is perfect. She's lovely and bright, an absolute joy to be with. And she doesn't give us a moment's trouble."

In response, we often hear: "Yes, XXXXX is like that too."

But it's not true. Because then they'll go on to say how XXXXX cries when he/she is left alone, or when he/she has her nappy changed, or when he/she is tired and/or hungry.

I can't stress it enough: Alice is a perfect baby. She doesn't give us a moment's trouble.

God bless her.

Because I don't believe in God, it means a lot when I say that.

One day we'll tell her how grateful we are. How happy we are to have such a perfect and beautiful daughter.

God bless Alice.


  1. Hurrah to Alice.

    I am quite sure that Alice doesn't blink.....there is never a closed eye when her picture is taken. It's like she thinks she'll miss something just from blinking.

    For as perfect as she is, I would say she could probably take a plane ride on her own over to Aunt Mary at any time.....feel free to ship her over :)

    Love to you all


  2. yup, from those 3 days I can confirm that! If I didn't have Analou - who's also perfect of course ;-) - I would definitely go for Alice out of all the baby's in the world! xxx Wini

  3. Alice is absolutely mega. And your amazing love for her will tell her all she needs to know when she's older. Tara xxxx

  4. She is the most contented baby I've ever seen and I've seen my fair share!! Gorgeous with it. Was a pleasure to meet her and Maggie and catch up with you two. Now I know where you are, you've had it!!!!!!

    Lots and lots of love

    Sally xxxxxx

  5. although we are over here in texas, both mary and i send you all our love every day!

    alice is just being nice to you two for now. she will probably turn out to be a handful later. :)

    i am proud to know you both.