Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Maggie Does Good. Alice Does Gooder.

Maggie was at Quidenham for a few days from Sunday. So on Monday and Tuesday I was home alone with Alice doing the househusband thing. Shannon, unfortunately, was at work.

Honestly, if it was just Alice I'd look after her full-time. She's so easy and so good. You can take her anywhere with absolutely no fuss. She eats everything you give her. She sleeps when it's time to sleep. And in between times she's just happy and delightful. It's a real pleasure being with her.

But it's not just Alice. Which is why Shannon and I share the childcare. A full week with both would be pretty much impossible.

So we picked Maggie up this morning and I think it's the first time we've collected her that we weren't a little shocked at how ill or small or different she looked. We collected her today and she looked like a happy, contented baby. And she was like that for the rest of the day too. That might have been because she slept through the night the previous night.

She's keeping her food down and she's sleeping pretty well. And she seems a little happier. So things have improved slightly.

That's three sentences I've started with 'So'. I don't like it.

We bought Alice one of those push along trolley things with bricks in the other day. I've got this mission: to get her walking before her 1st birthday (which is NEXT SATURDAY 9TH OCTOBER). I think this is the way forward simply because she's not really crawling. But she does like being on her feet. So I'm going to hook her on to that trolley and give her a big push. Wheee! she'll go, wheee!

Four sentences starting with 'So'.

Of course, it's my birthday (on SUNDAY 3rd OCTOBER) before the girls' birthday. But I've been walking for around 42 years now. No wonder I'm knackered.


  1. So, one year already....waw, that went fast.
    I bet Alice is the type to wait it out for a while, observe until she knows how to do it just perfectly. Might not be mission impossible!
    So, let us know how that plan works out ;-)
    And keep up the good work Maggie! Your parents need a bit of a break.
    And it's a bit early but I might forget by morning: have a great birthday!
    So, that's about it for now. Take care, Wini

  2. on your birthday... remember to celebrate the small victories. in the girls lives as well as yours! have a fantastic day and say hello to the girls for us!

    have you been putting photos up anywhere? just paul photos i mean. you have a great eye so i would like to see some current pics!


  3. Paul - got a new mobile and your number isn't working? Been trying to get in touch, send me an email