Sunday, 3 April 2011


Happy Mother's Day to Shannon, easily the best mum working in the business today. Both Maggie and Alice are very lucky to have her. So am I.

Below, some pictures of the girls taken last Sunday on my old roll film Canon Canonet (which, along with the cheap 1 hour ASDA processing, accounts for the poor quality).


  1. Happy Mothers Day Shannon, what lovely happy pictures, have a great day! With lots of love xxx

  2. happy Mothers' Day Shann! Hope it is indeed a really good one. Judging from those beautiful smiling faces, it is. Look at Alice, so beautiful! xxx Wini (it's not Mothers' Day here, so I can think of you the whole day ;-))

  3. Happy Mothers day Shannon xxx Kids looks really happy playing out at Norwich sands. Paul's photographs always seem to make the life you have with the girls seem really fun and easy.. I know in reality you've both swayed under the constant grind. Here's hoping the percentage of happiness to shit shifts this year in your favor!

    RnJ x

  4. Lovely photos.They look so happy

  5. Beautiful pictures - so glad the sun shone for you.

  6. The photos are fantastic and both girls are absolutely gorgeous. Having just read back I know that things are still as fucking impossible as ever, but Maggie looks so happy on these.

    Hopefully will try to get over at some point in the not too distant future. Will be lovely to see you again.

    Big kisses to you all.

    Love Sally xxxxxx