Saturday, 14 May 2011

At Last, Some Sleep

It’s been a while. For which, apologies.

The big news here is that Maggie has slept through – with occasional stirrings – for the past three nights. Incredible. Of course, given how it’s been for the past year and a half, we’re not counting our chickens. It could all go wrong at any time.

As a result of the sleep, she’s been happier and more responsive. In fact, during the day she’s most often in a very good mood indeed. She still demands, and gets, all the attention but even with the constant attachment, she’s been great.

Plus she’s been happier in the car. A lot happier in the car. If we sing to her she even manages to be quiet for the whole journey. That’s some progress.

Of course, it’s not all been great. But certain things have definitely improved.

More very soon. It’s late.


  1. Finally some good news for you. The sleep is such a big thing; it affects so many other things, not least your mental state.

    Thinking of you all.

    Lots of love

    Sally xxxxxx

  2. Fingers crossed it lasts.There is nothing like a good nights sleep.

  3. Shush! Everyone be very very quiet... hope this lasts. x R n J

  4. Tiptoes in - whispers "that's wonderful news" - tiptoes out again :-)

  5. wow that's fab!!!!! So chuffed for you, 3 days sleep is better than no day's sleep but I really really hope it continues, for yoursakes, but especially for lil Maggie xx :) xx