Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day!

A very happy Father's Day to our lovely Paul, who is so smashing and strong that he has given all of his kids the very best of himself - intelligence, humour, creativity, curiosity, charm and, of course, good looks! And because he has taught everyone more about Maggie just from being a great dad than any medical expert or professional ever, ever could. Tom, Louie, Isaac, Maggie and Alice - they're all very lucky kids.

I'm hopeless with photos and couldn't get a good one with Paul, Maggie and Alice from our Sunday carvery at the pub - so here's one of Paul and Maggie and a little video of Alice (with Paul in the background, so that counts!).

Hurrah for Paul!


  1. Beautiful girls! Happy Father's Day--hope it was bloody brilliant.

  2. They're getting so BIG!!! Hope you had a great Father's Day, Paul

    Mary & Bob

  3. aww so lovely! This made me :) :) :)