Sunday, 16 October 2011

Down Wymondham Way

We made the most of Maggie being in Quidenham this week by taking the train to Wymondham. We had a very nice time.


  1. How come Alice looks exactly like Shannon in the picture with her and exactly like Paul in the picture with him?! Beautiful photos.

  2. My goodness....she is so big and beautiful. Taking advantage of Paul and Shannon's blog for the moment to commend them for the absolutely fantastic job they are doing with Maggie and Alice. Maggie and Alice's twin cousins, Lily and Ronin, just came into the world....a mere 12 days after Maggie and Alice turned two! Just an example of how people presume alot about family dynamics- while in the hospital with nurses oohing and aahing over my lovely twins, it came up in discussion that Lily and Ronin have twin cousins who had just turned 2. All the nurses commented on the wonderful birthday parties we all would have together...never for a moment thinking the two sisters of these 4 amazing children are separated by an ocean.

    And now having Lily and Ronin at home and being overwhelmed at the work of two healthy newborn babies, I am utterly amazed at how Shannon and Paul made it through this time with a very sick Maggie and mostly healthy Alice. I have recently discovered how grateful I have been for a friend who set up a care calendar for us. I thought we would pull through, with or without help.....but having two meals brought to us by lovely friends just in the past 3 days is such a simple gesture that was MUCH appreciated. Having wonderful neighbors who pop over just to make sure we're doing okay. I remember feeling helpless at the distance between Shannon and I when Maggie and Alice were born.....that I could not be there to take care of the simplest of things for them while they concentrated their efforts on caring for Maggie and Alice.

    Big hugs to Paul, for being the great, supportive man in my sister's life. Shannon and I are very lucky to have kind and wonderful men in our lives. I know my husband, Bob, has been the greatest help to me both in and out of the hospital...even when he felt completely helpless to fix me and my emotional breakdowns and all my concerns and worries about how I would be able to care for these two beautiful babies that we suddenly had.

    So here's to the Saxton/Chabot twin cousins (Maggie, Alice, Lily, and Ronin), to their incredible fathers, Paul and Bob, and last but not is to the Forbush sisters- amazing mothers. In the words of my 4 year old neighbor...."We are awesome!"

    Love to you, dear Schwester, and you incredible family. Can't wait to see you soon!


  3. beautiful autumn pics! This season suits you perfectly. How she's grown! So happy to see you can catch a break once in a while.
    Take care darlings xxx Wini

  4. these pictures are amazing! mary posted a great post so there is not much more that i can add other than to say how much i love you all!

    paul, there is so much we both have to look forward to. shannon, see you soon! maggie and alice... LOVE YOU!!


  5. Lovely pictures. Hope you are keeping well. H