Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Maggie and Alice!

Three-years-old today. The same day John Lennon would have turned 72. They've already had their party which was great. We even managed to salvage the rubbish cake.

Maggie's at nursery* this morning - which she loves - so we'll be opening presents later this afternoon. We bought Alice a bike which we fully expect to be something of a challenge due to her contrary nature and her reluctance to do anything that has the slightest hint of risk or injury. I might just strap her to it and push it down the hill. Maggie has got a load of stuff for her dolls. I don't normally approve of dolls for girls but they seem to bring out the best in her: she really engages with them.

Happy Birthday you wonderful, lovely girls!

* Update: Maggie won't be at nursery this morning because she's ill. And tired, after being up all night. Sigh.

Click the pictures to see them big:


  1. Need a shipment of pins to the US...xoxo Grampa

  2. Happy birthday Maggie and Alice.What gorgeous looking girls!

  3. Happy Birthday to Maggie and Alice; two beautiful girls.

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girls!!!!

  5. (Late) Happy Birthday for Maggie and Alice.