Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year Bits

Louie and Isaac came to stay for a few days over the new year period. This meant that we were able to have another, more normal, Christmas with presents, dinner and family. It was lovely. And it was lovely having them here.

My intention was to get a load of family photographs with all of us together. But I hadn't really thought it through. Because it so happened that during the times of our visits Maggie was quite distressed. It just didn't seem right.

Both Louie and Isaac took to Alice instantly. And she to them. One of the nicest things was that she seemed to recognise that Isaac is a kid. She was fascinated with him.

But he was initially a little upset at seeing Maggie. I don't think he expected her to look so ill, what with the tube and everything. Not to mention the business of her being in hospital. It must have all seemed a little odd and a bit frightening. To be honest, I could have done a better job of preparing him for it.

But he became much more chirpy later on and it was really sweet to see the concern he had for his sister.


  1. here is to new years, new beginnings, and new adventures. as the time gets closer for mary to go over, i am getting more and more jealous. i love the pictures!

    love from texas!

  2. I'm glad you had your family Christmas. Who cares about the exact date. Your kids are beautiful Paul. As for Alice, she does have daddy's traits, however, the look she's giving us is all Shannon. No mistake ;-)
    Lots of love from snowy Antwerp. Wini, Bert & Analou xxx

  3. Happy New Year Lovies. We miss you very much. Paul--I love the photo of you, Alice, and Louie. She's turned into a beautiful young lady! Kisses to you, Shannon, and the children--especially little Isaac.