Thursday, 11 February 2010

Home Sweet Home

It's happened before, but obviously not enough. For why else would it seem so significant that when I gazed at a sleeping Maggie at 4am this morning I thought, "Aw, lovely, lovely baby" instead of "Poor little girl"?

She's home nights. It's hard work. But it's fantastic she's here. And although it's still early days, it seems to have done her - and us - the world of good.

But by God, it's tiring. I tell you, I'm too old for this.


  1. those are the moments that really count. Yes, it can & will be so hard and sooooo tiring, but don't you love 'm so f*cking bl**dy much! Stay strong, love and be loved. Thinking about you all. Family reunited. As it should be.
    Take care
    xxx Wini

  2. Sweet, sweet Saxton babies!!! Of course it does Maggie good to be home!!.....a fabulous mum and dad to hold her and kiss her....not to mention make up lovely songs about her. I can't imagine the rough road ahead....but if anyone can pull it off, it would be the two of you. I will take them whenever you want!!!!!



  3. Magic!