Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Maggie's homecoming

Maggie's coming home tomorrow (Wednesday), for good - one day ahead of schedule only really it's well over 100 days behind. And, to be honest, because she's been home more often than in the hospital for the past three weeks it all feels a bit anti-climactic. Not at all like the nerve-wracking, overwhelming day when we brought Alice home - because she'd never been home before and Maggie has, loads. So now, as if there wasn't enough to make me feel sad about Maggie, I feel sad for her about this too. That her official 'home' day is pretty much just like any other of the past month.

Maybe I won't tell her - I could always get Paul to photoshop in some banners and balloons and rewrite this little chapter of her little history.

I feel a bit sad for us too, that after four and a half months this isn't a bigger deal, a more dramatic moment. At the discharge meeting on Monday our consultant kept saying what a big step this was - which pretty much shows how out of the picture he is because he wasn't aware at all of the amount of time we were spending with Maggie at home. We've been doing the big step for weeks.

Then again, four and a half months ago this day was never going to happen, and it has. That is a big deal - and a big triumph for our little Maggie. Well done, lovely girl - and welcome home!


  1. Welcome home Maggie! And indeed, well done. She's still here - kicking up a major fuss - but she's here. Be strong. All love xxx Wini

  2. Hurrah for Maggie!!! Well done darling girl and lucky old Alice - you've got your sister home!
    Tara xxxx

  3. Hooray for Maggie...way to go, little one!!! Try not to give your mum and dad too much of a fuss.....throw in some cuddles and smiles with those tears. Rock out to some Beatles and for goodness sake....start sleeping at night :P

    We love you all

    Mary & Bob

  4. Fab! Give both girls a big kiss from their Auntie H. (Sorry, I've claimed that honorary title.)

    Phone me if there's anything I can do to help...hope to get down to see you soon!

    Much love,

  5. Way hey!! That's great news about Maggie (and Alice, well done with the sleeping!!) Hope you're feeling everyone's love from where you are. Know we can't be much practical help, but anything we can do we will. Hopefully get over to see you soon. Might try to come over with Helen and persuade Rob to get his butt over there.

    Anyway, lots and lots of love to you all!!

    Sally xxxxxx

  6. Congratulations, well done, and good luck!
    Rachel xxx

  7. I keep trying to bump into you lot at Tesco but so far you have managed to evade me.
    Please let me know your next scheduled visit, I would love to meet the girls.
    Welcome home Maggie May x

    Rachael D from The Royal (remember me?!)