Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day Shannon!

Happy first Mother's Day to Shannon!

This is a brief post as it's late and I'm knackered. But I wanted to get these pictures up. We'll write something tomorrow. Something about the following:

See earlier post. This is on Shannon's to-do list.

You may have seen Helen's many comments during the course of this blog. We'd met her before - a couple of years ago at our friends Rob and Sally's 40th birthday do - but last week was the first time we'd really met her. The great thing about it was that, because we've been communicating so much - and because she's been so fantastic, so supportive and so helpful - we felt as though she was already an old friend. It was just great having her here. Not only is she a superb source of wisdom and information, she's also extremely nice - and a very good laugh.

She's been a massive help to us. And we really appreciate it. So please, doff your cap in her general direction!

And a big mention to Rob too, who brought Helen with him, all the way from Nottingham. It's always a pleasure to see him. I was genuinely sad to see them go. But don't tell Rob that - I'll never hear the last of it.

Mother's Day.
Today was Shannon's first Mother's Day and, of course, it was rather bittersweet. I'll let Shannon write about it, as it's her day. But I'll just say that hopefully next year we'll be in a position where we can go out and do something. That is, go out to the pub.

Pictures below are from the above. The last four are from today, Mother's Day.

But aah, look at that picture below - two lovely girls watched over by two wonderful gentlemen.

A big hurrah for Shannon!

Click the pic to see the gallery:


  1. those are fantastic pics! The girls look great. Glad you have found some comfort & support. xxx Wini

  2. Happy Mother's day! I do hope you are celebrated twice in both countries!

    I love the last picture of Shannon and Maggie. Really nice.


  3. Happy Mutti Day!!! I love all the pics....lil Maggie having a snooze, the girls taking a sleep together, Alice on Shannon's shoulders! All so precious. I may need to snag a few of those for a present idea.

    Hoorah for Helen, her visit, and her wisdom/information for my lovely (and favorite) sister (and Paul too)! Thanks Helen!

    We love you


  4. Beautiful, lovely, beautiful. Thank you for posting, Paul. Hugs and kisses to you all and especially my darling, Shannon. xx

  5. What beautiful girls......all of you!! Shannon, you are doing such an amazing job....and you Paul xx

    Susie x

  6. YEAH! mary said it for us both. i only wish we could have been there to hug you and to take the girls for a spin in the buggie!

    fantastic pics too!

    happy mothers day shannon!!

    love you all!