Monday, 8 March 2010

Woods etc.*

It's been a funny week. Hectic and tough. Shannon and the girls at Quidenham for a couple of days. Us being visited by all manner of community health types. Me working.

In brief:

Shannon and the girls had a lovely time at Quidenham. It was much better than expected. I'll get Shannon to write more about this soon.

Maggie was weighed on Friday and is now just over 12 pounds. So she's put on weight at a fairly nice rate. Alice weighs 18 pounds.

We've stopped her 4am-ish feed. Friday night and last night she slept from around 1am to 8.30am. Which is great. But not as great as her sister - 7.30pm to 8.30am. What an angel.

She's about to go into her own room and in her own cot. Maggie, that is. So fingers crossed.

Yesterday and today she was a little calmer. A little. But we're not counting our chickens. She's still doing the screaming thing and being a right pain in the neck. So we're not in Norman Rockwell territory yet.

We went for a walk today that, while traumatic, wasn't as traumatic as previous walks. Maggie screamed and got herself into a state. But not as much as she has done before. And she even slept for a bit. So I think we'll persevere with this pushchair tough love thing.

She adores music. It's an instant calmative and yet she also seems to pay attention to it. Her favourite at the moment is Baby Love.

More soon.

* Title courtesy of Alice Oswald who, as well as having a great first name, is probably the best poet currently writing in English. Most of her poems are 'about' nature and all that nonsense but it's really in the way she writes: the rhythm, the musicality, her use of words. Like Ted Hughes but better. Do yourself a favour and buy here: Woods etc.

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  1. Glad you seem to be getting things a bit more on track. The sleeping thing is going to help I suppose. We feel like we can cope so much better don't we if there's been a sensible amount of sleep going on.

    Anyway, hope to see you all soon. I know Rob and Helen are coming this week, but I hope to come over myself in the not too distant future.
    Thinking of you all.

    Loads of love

    Sally xxxxxxx

  2. Hey there,
    glad to hear Shannon had a few good days in Quidenham. I want to say "good that the walk wasn't as traumatic as usual" but that just doesn't sound right. Still, again, babysteps. Good that she sleeps a couple of hours through the night and that Alice is also alseep during those hours. That means some hours of decent sleep for you two. It'll make a difference, coping with those difficult hours during the day when she seems to be crying non-stop. And if all else fails, keep walking! That's what I did. Anxious to read more about Quidenham. Until then, take very good care of each other xxx Wini

  3. Hooray for Alice and Maggie! Sounds like progress is slow but it's still progress. Are you gearing the girls up for a visit from their cousins soon? Not long now! 18 lbs???? Whoa Alice...that is some healthy eatin' :) Can't wait to hear from Shannon about Quidenham....and that sister of mine looks wonderful!!! You would never guess she has a little Maggie keeping her up all hours of the night. More pics, more pics!

    Love to all of you



  4. Happy 5 month birthday my lovely girls!

    Aunt Mary

  5. I agree with Mary. I think you look rather good & proud my dear! xxx Wini

  6. So pleased you are out and about with both girls, that's really lovely to see. But blimey 18lbs! What are you feeding her? James still only 16lbs and not sleeping nearly as well as Alice, bless her she is a superstar. Really well done, all credit to you guys I'm sure. Hope the sleep you are getting is helping during your days.

    xxx Caroline, James and Chris

  7. I left a comment a few days ago - it doesn't seem to have stuck - the comment was short, along the lines of "good" - just re-read the blog and it still applies. I'm glad that there are occasional rays of sunshine, I know it doesn't dispel the cloud, but it's something. See you soon. Matthew

  8. i agree with mary... progress is progress. there will be ups and downs but yeah as the routine sets in and time passes, the entire dynamic will start to change and i for one look forward to seeing the great pics and hearing the updates. all the updates.

    love you all!