Sunday, 18 April 2010


We'd been looking forward to it for ages: Maggie at Quidenham for a couple of nights. Shannon and I were going to go out for the first time together since the girls were born while Tom babysat Alice. The following day we were going to go swimming and nip into town. Just a tiny period of normality, a nice - and much-needed - break.

They rang this afternoon, a couple of hours before we were about to go, and cancelled.

Shannon very upset. Me too.



  1. damn it. hopefully its just a matter of rescheduling for a time soon??

    i could be more colorful, being from texas and all... but i will suffice with damn it.


  2. Bollocks indeed. Hopefully it will happen again very soon.....although that does not help with the disappointment now.....very sorry :(

    Love you all

    XOXO Mary