Sunday, 11 April 2010

Five Go Mad in Norwich

The girls were six months old a few days ago, on April 9th. Six months. I can't decide whether it seems longer than that or shorter than that.

This past week they were joined by their older sister and brother, Louie and Isaac. It was, as ever, a joy having them here: they make me happy by just being around. You really can't beat having a house full of kids.

Alice took to them both immediately, and to Isaac in particular. He has a real knack for making her laugh. And as she's now starting to laugh properly, it's pretty wonderful seeing her so full of joy.

The weather while they were here was great. Except on the Wednesday when it suddenly became very cold, grey and miserable: the day we decided to go to Cromer. It was quite a significant trip for us because it was the first time we'd taken Maggie on such a long journey that didn't have some connection to her care. Of course, she howled and screamed all the way. And all the way back.

To be honest, her aversion to the pushchair and the car seat is beginning to drive us a bit mad, especially now that the weather's better. We're practically housebound. Well, we're not, of course, but it feels like it sometimes. It's such a shame that we can't just go out as a family and have a nice time.

We're also still persevering with getting her bedtime/sleeping routine sorted. It's been very difficult and very trying and tiring. We're exhausted. But if we crack this - if we can get her to better get herself to sleep - our lives will be so much easier.

By the way, if you live thousands of miles away you should have taken it as a given that I understand you can't just nip over to see us. I'm referring, of course, to my 'plea' in the last post for people to come and visit: "Make a bit of fucking effort" etc. My attempt there was to boldly state that if you're thinking of coming to see us, please do - especially if you live here in Norwich. Just come and see us. Don't worry about whether you might be intruding or whether we're up to our eyeballs in shit. Just come and visit. We'd love to see you.


Aside: Last week I went to see the comedian Richard Herring with my friend Andy. He was fantastic - Richard Herring, that is. You may recall that he's the fella who raises loads of money for Scope, the charity for people with cerebral palsy. He's a very good man. Anyway, he also does a podcast where, for donations, he'll mention your name. So as a result of Andy forcing a tenner on him at the gig, he mentioned our names in last week's podcast. And now - now that I've been called a cunt by Richard Herring - I think I can die happy. You can hear him doing it here: at around 4:30.

Pictures below from this past week. The last four taken on my iPhone*, hence the crappier quality. Click to see the gallery.

* I mention the iPhone by name because, a) I'm a bit of a wanker, and b) because it's new and I love it very, very much. It is now an integral part of me. We are as one.


  1. Happy to see a new post!

    Is it okay to call sometime? And what time as to not disturb the babes?

    XXOO Sarah

  2. I love the pictures....everyone looks so big and grown up....been way too long since we've all been together.

    Sorry to hear Maggie is making such a fuss with travel of any kind. Makes me sad to hear and think about. Perhaps she is trying to say something about one's driving? :P Hopefully she gets over it soon to come see some TX cousins.....that's not a hint, by the way...just wishful thinking.

    Love to all!

    xoxo Mary

  3. Hopefully will be able to come over in the summer and maybe go to Cromer. If a household full of kids is what you want, then a household full of kids is what you'll get!!!!

    Lots of love to Shannon and the girls and of course to you.

    Sally xxxxxx

  4. Pics have made me laugh! Fab. Ditto to Sal's comments. You may be biting off more than you can chew!!!!!
    Great to see you having good times.

  5. sounds like a great visit all around with the older kids! i do feel bad that maggie doesnt seem to like being chauffeured around... most women love that! she will soon i bet.

    as for your being an apple/iphone junkie.... i could have told you to expect it. it is useless to resist us.

    love ya'll

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