Friday, 21 May 2010

All The Way From the USA

We've got Shannon's parents with us at the moment. It's really lovely having them here. They're marvellous with the girls and I think it's obvious that the girls really love them. Some solid bonding stuff going on!

That sort of explains the lack of posts recently. It's been very busy.

Hopefully Shannon will write something soon. Particularly about Alice's first trip on the train. To the seaside. Which I missed. And really regret missing.

What a fucking idiot I am.

But never mind eh?

In a nutshell: we're still having all the usual crying/puschair/car seat/feeding/vomiting problems. But overall - more than overall - I'd say that Maggie is making fantastic progress. Every day she's a little more alert and bright.

But, as always, we have to stay on the ground a bit about that. She's still not showing any signs of being able to feed properly. And that, right there, is all the indication we need that there's something not right going on in her brain.

Like we didn't know.

Alice. Well, Alice is thriving and developing in the most beautiful way. And she's still as good as gold.

We've got some lovely, proper photos to post - but in the meantime here's a selection of pictures taken with the crappy iPhone camera:

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  1. Ok.....Mom and Dad should be gone by now. Time to put up the pics of their visit!!!

    Thinking of you all the time.