Monday, 10 May 2010

Downs. No Ups.

It's been a very tough week this past week. The progress we seemed to have made turned out not to be progress at all: she's now as bad in her pushchair and the car as she always was. And her sleep is back to being very erratic too.

She's very demanding and very difficult to manage. She's also very noisy and nothing seems to please or placate her. We can't go out with her and she doesn't sleep when we stay in. So there's hardly a break from her, hardly a break from it.

Unsurprisingly, Shannon and I have been quite down recently. I know that it often appears that we're coping very well and making the best of it, but I think we're reaching the end of that. It's just getting to be too much.

It really is quite miserable.


  1. I hope things will swing upward soon. I wish I could be more of help. XXOO

  2. Oh Paul,
    I know that it's hard, but I can only imagine just how hard it is. I know I can't be any help over here, but I promise, as soon as I can, I'll come over with Helen and we'll look after the girls (if that's poss) while you and Shannon go out. Feel really useless. It's fucking shit. That's all I can say. I am constantly thinking of you, but know that's useless. Will be of some practical help soon, I promise. ALL my love Sally xxxxxx

  3. Dear Paul and Shannon,
    I am so sad that you are having such a tough time, it must be so hard for you all. If I can do anything at all please just give me a call. Even if it's just to take Alice out for a walk with James and so one of you can have a break for half an hour I'll do anything to help you out if I can. Please let me know if you think of a way I can help, you sound like you just need some support. xxx Caroline and James

  4. hey man,
    although there is nothing i can say that equals what your going through, i can say that there are dark times as welll as good. i have been to the dark places too. those times when the room seems to be closing in on you and the weight of the world is crushing. so much riding on every decision, and yet the decisions dont seem to matter. there is a ebb and flow to these things though. last week maggie was doing well, this week not. she will show you what she needs as best she can as she grows and your understanding of her own type of communication matures. that bond of father and mother to child is the strongest and things will get better over time. i know that doesnt help in the moment, but it sure as hell sounds like you have friends that love you both that will come around soon to do what they can to help. please make use of their offer for help and Quidenham. write if you can, but just keep the updates coming whenever you can. we have to know whats going on.

    i send you my thoughts every day, and mary and i talk about maggie, alice, shannon and you everyday. we love you all so much.

    bob and mary in texas