Friday, 15 October 2010

Baby Maggie

I know we're long, long overdue in posting photos of the girls, especially now that they're the ripe old age of one - and I need to learn from Paul how to do this properly so he doesn't have to be the one responsible for it all the time. But one of my favourite pictures of Maggie is clumsily attached below (hopefully).

It's 4.45am, I've just finished feeding Maggie but was contemplating staying up for another hour to feed her a little bit again because she has to go up to the hospital at 9.45am to have dye pumped into her to test the level of her reflux and can't eat anything for 4 hours beforehand. And it hit me - like it often does after a period of time when Maggie's been particularly demanding and upset and sleepless like she's been this past week - she's just a baby.

It's hit me hard this time - because she's just had her first birthday (and was such a super girl for it), because she's going to Quidenham tomorrow and I feel desperate for the break. She's just a baby - who hasn't had a day in her first year when she hasn't vomited, hasn't had a night where she's slept through contentedly. Her little arms and legs move constantly even though she doesn't want them to - she's always frustrated by things her mind wants to do but her body won't let her. She's spent nearly half her life in hospital, lots of times on her own. Her first week of being one and she's had two hospital appointments, a physiotherapy appointment and a milestone development session and is spending three days at a hospice. And she's still so little, only 16 pounds.

Despite all this, she's got a lovely grin that gets everyone every time. Crinkles her whole face and that little high dimple comes out. And the smiles are coming more often, for more people, just because.

We keep getting told that we're doing an amazing job. I think Maggie is too.


  1. So sorry to read she hasn't been sleeping. How exhausting that must be for you both and her. Don't know how you cope. Or maybe I do: you just do, don't you? Still, as a recovering insomniac I find it amazing that you can get through the day, at home looking after both girls or at work, trying to be creative and deal with know-it-all customers.
    So people are right to tell you you're doing a great job.
    And you are right to say that about Maggie too. We really do sometimes forget, thinking about you all the time, what a struggle she faces every day. Such a big struggle for such a little girl.
    Mind you, 16 pounds is not so bad is it? I know 2-year-olds who weigh about 20...
    I hope you enjoy your break Shannon and Paul. You deserve it so much. I'm sure Maggie will be just fine
    xxx Wini

  2. aww that is a TOTALLY gorgeous smile, made me smile xx

  3. Belter of a top,stay sweet all of you.Keep on keeping on.

  4. What an absolutey cracking photo. x x

  5. Shannon, you and your offspring are lovely.


  6. Hi Shannon and Paul,

    What a lovely photo!
    Happy belated birthday to Maggie and Alice, I just sent some money to Quidenham in their honour,

    Lots of love from Rachel xxx

  7. such a sweet smile, on both your faces,

    lovely to see you all for the girls 1st Birthday do!

    much love from Maria, Matthew and boys xxx

  8. Hope Maggie had a good time at Q (and you got some well deserved rest) - love the pic - she has such a cute smile - think you are all doing an amazing job - best wishes - H