Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I was going to write about how fabulous the girls' birthday party was and how lovely it was that so many people turned up.

I was also going to write about the fabulous Dr Bem, who looks as though she's going to be Maggie's new champion.

But I'm too tired.

Click the picture below to see a small selection of recent photographs. More soon.

Addendum: Look at the second to last photograph in the gallery, the one of Alice in the swing. It staggers me sometimes how utterly beautiful she is.


  1. wonderfully happy photos, and you look gorgeous Shannon, thanks for sharing xxx Maria

  2. Beautiful girls....I miss them! Prezzies on the way!


  3. and mary is serious! she mailed the presents today!
    im no good at hand writing notes, but i wanted to let you all know that we talk about you ALL everyday and you are always on our minds!

    love to you!
    bob and mary