Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Our Beloved NHS

You know how I always seem to be banging on about NHS idiots?

I took Maggie for her flu vaccine today. Before the nurse administered the jab I asked if she was aware that Maggie had cerebral palsy, to which she answered yes. I then asked a number of questions about how the jab would affect her, pointing out that she has difficulty breathing at night and how, in general, she's not very strong. She assured me that Maggie would be fine and that maybe I should give her a little bit of paracetamol.

Earlier this evening we got a call from the doctor: they'd mistakenly given her the adult vaccine. We were told to look out for a high temperature and that there was a (1 in 100) possibility of this leading to convulsions and seizures. We need to keep a good eye on her for the next 48 and 72 hours.

A possibility of convulsions and seizures in a child with cerebral palsy.

So far she seems ok. But we've spent the whole night worrying, constantly checking on her. The odd thing though is that she went to sleep straight away when I put her to bed this evening. She never does that. And she's also not stirred once. She never does that either.

As I've constantly said about the NHS: they only ever make our lives more difficult.


  1. I've just read this before going to bed, I hope that Maggies ok.

    With love, Maria xxx

  2. It beggers belief how incompetant they are - but then again experience tells us otherwise. I hope that Maggie is ok.
    Marjorie xx

  3. jesus fucking christ.....I hope she is okay. How is it that they have not had a horrendous malpractice suit filed against them? I suppose there is no convincing you guys to move here, is there?? :)

    Love to all

    Mary and Bob

  4. Guess someone rubbed out the BIG CRAYON mark saying 'GWON UPS ONLY'! But is it really too much to ask NHS employees to think rather than just follow tick-box instructions?

    Do hope Maggie is OK - and that you can get a damned good lawyer to tear the arse out of these buffoons.

  5. oh my god, what is wrong with these people? You must be so worried. hope she is ok, thinking of you, keep us posted on the blog tomorrow. xxx Caroline, Chris and James.

  6. wtf?
    who are these people? have they ever EVEN seen a child? it's not like you can take back the IM shot after you give it!
    hmmm.... the same dose for mr john age 61 as miss ten kg baby....hmmm...interesting...no shortage of light bulbs with that place, jeez
    don't go back there.