Thursday, 24 February 2011


It's been a year today since Maggie came home from the hospital. She'd spent the first five months of her life there.

I think that overall we - and she - have done well this past year. But perhaps not well enough. It's been very hard.

Here she is, from a few weeks ago, reading one of her favourite books. As you'll hear, she was struggling a bit with a cold. As she is right now.


  1. Awww how cute! Bless her for such a nasty cold, but she is so cute & smiley, me & Onion watched it and it made us both grin! Hugs to all of you from us xx :0) xx

  2. That's beautiful. She seems to like the train sounds and movement.

    And from an untrained eye I would say there is definate reaching going on.


  3. Hasn't anyone told the little darling that she's not supposed to be able to reach out like that - or smile so cutely - or respond so obviously to what's being said to her? Doesn't she know that experts don't like being proved wrong one little bit? Darn it, she's a fighter! Just love the way she laughs at the snoring and train sounds.

  4. this is nice to watch. She's so into that book! Get well soon little Maggie xxx Wini

  5. i like the smile when the choochoo comes by!
    love you all!!!!!!

    bob and mary

  6. That was so cute. So so so cute. May loved "choo choo" as well at a year old! She couldn't get enough.
    And, I don't think I even have to add, though I will - amazing progress!!! Congrats to you all!

  7. Shannon's a natural with the sound effects and it's lovely to see Maggie responding with big smiles and reaching. Hope her chest eases soon.


  8. Wow thats fabulous head control!
    Very impressed well done.So beautiful

  9. She is beautiful, you must be very proud, changed so much since I last saw her, she looks like she's really coming on, well done you two, big hug to you all.
    Colleen, Liam and Jamie xxx