Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Thank You Shannon

I slipped on the ice a few weeks ago and severely bruised my shoulder by landing on – slamming into – the tow bar on the back of our car. As a result of that I’ve been unable to lift my arm. And as a result of that, I’ve been unable to lift Maggie. As you know, Maggie requires a lot of lifting.

Over this period Shannon has been an absolute angel. She’s been looking after Maggie every single night – putting her to bed and getting up with her in the early hours. Unfortunately, she’s been waking a lot through the night recently, anything up to three hours at a time. It’s been a nightmare.

As well as that, Shannon took time off work to help me at home. Actually, no – she was working from home. So she was at least in the other room if I needed a hand carrying Maggie and putting her to bed.

And as if all this wasn’t bad enough, Shannon also became ill last week. As did Alice and Maggie. And then, to a lesser extent, me. This past week then has been particularly bad. Maggie with her chest infection and Alice in an absolute state with some kind of viral infection, unable to sleep and howling through the night.

As I said earlier, Shannon has been amazing throughout all of this. I hate to say it – and I’m only saying it because it’s true – but if the situation had been reversed, I wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good. After the first day I would have probably shouted: “It’s only your fucking arm!”

So really, the purpose of this post is for me to say a big public thank you to Shannon for being so wonderfully selfless - and for being so caring and capable.

And for just being so wonderful. I'm very lucky to have her. So are the girls.

(Oh, and one thing all of this has brought home to us - as if we didn't know it before - is how important it is that we stay fit and healthy for Maggie's sake. Because really, we're on our own here.)


  1. It is shameful that we (not just 'society' but us people) can't, won't, don't do more to support you guys - I include myself in that. I know we are all busy - we have families and jobs (and twitter) and other stuff that seems important (networking?) but really - can't we find half an hour or so a week to do something practical to make your lives a tiny bit easier?

  2. Echo Huw....is there anything that we can do to make your lives easier? Can you put your thinking hats on?

    As promised in a Tweet pre-Christmas I am doing some fundraising for EACH, which seems a pathetically small thing to do https://www.justgiving.com/Claire-Martinsen

  3. Speedy recovery for all!! I'm banking on winning the lottery.,... The question is then would you let me move you all here do I can be around all the time to help OR do we pack up and move to you? Weather wise the move there puts me off slightly, although bob would love it. Now.... In all seriousness ... Though I can't jet there nearly as often as I would like but please do let us know if there is anything we can do.... Have dinner delivered some night or many nights to make it just a little easier, please let us know. Hate, hate, hate distance right now.

    As for Shannon.... It is with great pride I say she is my sister.... My very favorite one at that :-)

    Love to you all

  4. Wishing Shannon a very wonderful mothers day, a little early i know but it seems she truly deserves the praise..... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Huw and Claire

    You're both very kind. Thank you. I shall put my thinking hat on and if there's anything I can think of I shall let you know!

    And thanks Claire for the EACH fundraising. Excellent work!

    And thank you Mary! Love to you all.