Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Two Sides

Two sides of humanity, that is.

First off, here's a link to an excellent blog post that takes a look at some of the hateful fuckers who comment on the Daily Mail's website. Yes, I know it's the Daily Mail and that the people who read it are... well, what are they? They're just normal people. And that's what bothers me so much: the suspicion that quite a few normal, otherwise perfectly pleasant, people might hold similar views.


On the flipside, here's a lovely piece by the comedian Richard Herring (who's 'not yet disabled') about his experience with kids like Maggie.




  1. Aww the little Christmas Trees - what a gorgeous thought, it's filled my head with smiles and sunshine. On the flipside, I managed two of the hideous comments from the other blog, and had to stop reading before I impaled myself with a frying pan :S

  2. You know what got me in Richard Herring's piece? Where he said about having the balls to do something difficult the best you can. Because every week at Scope's/NANSA's School for Parents I see Maggie and three other little kids struggle to hold their heads steady, to reach out and grab the toy they want, to learn how to balance themselves - but they try, and try and try and try. They try so hard to do the things that were supposed to come naturally, and it's heartbreaking and heartwarming and really, really upsetting and amazing.

  3. I get that Shannon, it must be such mixed feelings, I don't want to say I understand, cos clearly I can't but I get it... HUGS xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Thank you for the two links.

    The comments in the Daily Mail were shocking. I never can believe how hateful some people are - they must be eaten up with self-loathing to be that vitriolic about others.

    Richard Herring's post however helped restore my faith in humanity - particularly liked the 'not yet disabled' perspective. Makes you realise how fragile we all are - something those Daily Mail posters should bear in mind.