Friday, 27 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! (This was on time when I first did it but I ran into technical difficulties in posting it...)

Turkeys are pretty thin on the ground over here until Christmas time, except for the frozen ones and we didn't have ourselves organised enough to allow for the four day defrost, or however long it is, so we went for a slightly more pre-packaged option. Still very sweet of Paul, and he did the whole dinner and everything - even found cranberry sauce too. Alice had Nutraprem 2 and Maggie Infatrini with a side of Thick and Easy. Yum.

Maggie was looking her very cutest for our friend Caroline today, and that's pretty damned cute. Bright eyes, pink cheeks, even a smile that seemed more than wind-related - Maggie was fascinated by Caroline. I think she's getting bored of seeing our tired faces every day! There were only a few tears towards the end, but to be fair to Maggie it was coming up for her lunch time and now that she's on three-hourly feeds those last few minutes beforehand do find her understandably fractious. But it was a lovely visit - we're looking forward to the time where the girls can meet Caroline's little boy James, who was born just a month before they were.

There's no Black Friday over here but Alice and I are venturing into town for a spot of shopping tomorrow (so long as the morning goes to plan) - our first trip out in a pushchair. I'm a bit nervous (and there's always the sadness that Maggie isn't there too) but I'm looking forward to doing some normal mother and baby stuff for the first time - finally Alice can see more of the world than just the hospital and our house. And as she'll be seven weeks old, there may even be presents involved!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you had a more proper one than we did. At least I incorporated turkey in there....even if it was a parmesan crusted turkey cutlet. Still mighty tasty!

    Be thankful for no Black Fridays! It's a mad house! Enjoy your day of shopping with Alice and try not to think too much about Maggie not being there to enjoy it as well....she will when its time.

    We love you

    Mary and Bob

  2. Rob, Sal, Ava, Nog, Hal27 November 2009 at 07:58

    Happy Thanksgiving, guys. I'm intrigued by Black Friday. I'll have to search that one. Me being a dumb, arrogant Englishman I've not come across Black Friday...
    Look after yourselves and I hope to see you soon.

  3. Happy belated Thanks Giving.

    Black Friday has hit Chapelfield in the form of Apple...

    Take care of you all and hopefully see you soon.


  4. Rob....the others have disowned me!27 November 2009 at 16:40

    Well, bugger me! I thought Black Friday was going to be ancient, historical, wonderfully cultural homage. I'd dreamed up all sorts of references to witchcraft and Salem and apple-bobbing...
    According to Wiki, it started in the 60's and is concerned with people bunking off work to go shopping!
    What! Shopping!!!! Mmm, apples...

  5. Black Friday ancient, historical, or wonderful?? Ahhh...this makes me giggle....Knowing all too well what it is I can only associate it with something plague-like. We stupid Americans wake up (if we even go to sleep) well before the butt crack of dawn to stand in line for stores to open at 4 or 5 am only to rush in like mad cos, risk being stampeded by frenzied shoppers looking for the best deal of the year on gigantic TVs, the latest hot toy item, and most electronics. Gotten a bit out of control in these past few years where people literally have been trampled...a few have died....all for what? A damn TV....For those of us who choose not to participate it's yet another day of staying away from the we can to be cooped up for Thanksgiving day and Black Friday going bonkers to get out of the house by the time Saturday rolls around and things have resumed to something normal.
    Ha.....witchcraft and apples sound MUCH better!

    The Austin, TX Black Friday boycotter

  6. Hooray for presents!

    See you guys soon. Hang on in there. X

  7. It sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving. I hope the first pushchair trip went well.

    Black Friday?! No longer exists over here, either. Now it's Black-Monday-through-Friday. Pretty soon, it'll be Black November. I'm ashamed to say I find myself browsing the specials for something to purchase, but then I realize I don't need any of it.

    Instead, I go to my parents' house for a good meal and some good company. Suddenly, that deep-discounted 30 Rock Season 2 DVD doesn't seem so important.

    All the best,

    P.S. I caved and bought the deep-discounted 30 Rock Season 2 DVD.

  8. Us dopey Brits booked our first trip to NY this time last year KNOWING NOTHING of Black Friday. EEEEEEK! Thanksgiving Parade was amazing but nothing could have prepared us for the horror that was Black Friday. News bulletins about shoppers trampled to death in the rush. Made Oxford Street look like a walk in the park...
    Hey, I hope you have had a good weekend. I'm going to email you directly this week as you've been on my mind a lot. Love to the girls.
    Helen & Co

  9. sorry i have been absent for a long time. but with the whole foot thing... anyway, i am back and i am catching up on the news! it sounds like there are more highs than lows right now so i will celebrate that in the best way i can. you guy are all always in my thoughts and we are working on getting things straight over here for marys visit and other stuff to help.

    thank you for the updates and dont forget to take of each other everyday too! say those words of encouragement out loud and dont take each other for granted.

    love you all!


  10. Thanks Shannon, your girls are gorgeous, it was so lovely to come and see them, and also to be allowed into your very private, personal lives. It was a special moment for me. Shannon you a such a natural mum. The way you spoke to Maggie so softly and the way you held her and practised the physio moves with her so gently and so assuredly. You are the best thing your little girls could wish for, you do know what is best for both of them, your mothers instinct is very clear to see. Little Maggie may have a tough future ahead, but with you by her side she'll be beautifully protected and looked after with so much love. I know you put on a brave face as well.

    Sorry Paul, you are being a great Dad too, so supportive, but you were making me smile and laugh, I thought that was meant to be my job when I come to see you!

    Love to you all, I'll come and see you again soon, before Christmas as I have something to make the cot, or whichever cot it may be by then, a little more fun for you all!

    xx Caroline, Chris and baby James sends his two girlfriends a slobbery, milky kiss!