Thursday, 19 November 2009

Richard Herring and Scope

Richard Herring is my favourite living comedian. My favourite living British comedian. The podcasts he does with Andrew Collins have given me more pleasure in the last year or so than... well, quite a few things. He makes me laugh like a schoolgirl.

As well as being very funny he also has a big heart. After every one of his gigs he hands round a bucket and collects money for Scope, the excellent cerebral palsy charity. And over the years he's raised quite a bit for them. Good man.

He's currently on a mission to raise even more money for Scope. In fact, he wants to raise £20,000. At the moment he's up to just over £12,000. Which is pretty good going. So why not help him out by visiting his JustGiving site? Come on, even if it's just a few quid - I know you can all afford it:

Richard Herring Fundraising For Scope

Oh, and if you haven't already heard the wonderful "Collings and Herrin" podcasts, you'll find them here: Collings and Herrin

And there's his own web page here: Richard Herring


  1. I have tons of quid! But it's for you and Shannon....and I now need to find a way to get it to you since a hand delivery ETA is unknown at this time.

    But seriously.....of course we will be giving's important to you makes it important to us.

    Can't wait to hear you laugh like a school girl, Paul...this oughta be good.

    xoxo Austin, TX

  2. Looking forward to having a listen. If it makes Paul laugh like a schoolgirl, then we will all have a chance to catch a glimpse of his inner psyche (not sure if thats a good thing or not).

    P.s dont forget about our own wee NANSA (norfolk and norwich scope association). Scope do fantastic work at promoting equality and awareness but NANSA do work at a grass roots level.
    Sending you all our love and we will let you know if we hear about a buggy. xxx Sniff those babies for me x