Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day

The holiday day after Christmas and as you can see in the pics, the girls are still in a festive mood, thanks to the matching outfits from their Uncle Jim and Aunt Kirsten and cousins Gretchie and Sammy.

When we got to the hospital today it was obvious the peace and quiet of yesterday was the exception rather than the rule - three more little children on Maggie's bay and it was sad and upsetting to hear their crying, see their distress. When we were on NICU the majority of the little babies were actually fine, just too small and needing to catch up with their due date before going home -their tears were easily stopped with food or changing their nappies, job done. They had no idea where they were, or that they shouldn't be there. I keep walking around the ward with Maggie to stimulate her with the bright lights and new environment and at times it's heartbreaking to see glimpses of the other children - a mother helping a girl of eight or so out of her wheelchair and into her bed, a teenage girl lying in her bed alone after her family left on Christmas, a baby boy that we met in NICU who has a twin at home too. It's just not right, children being ill.

Of course, the wanker consultant guy who had us booted out of NICU also had to point out that given Maggie's condition we would often be in the hospital so it would be good to meet the nurses on the children's ward and get to know them. Cheers.

But, you know, I think it's been good for Maggie, the move. And the change of reflux treatment too, it's made a world of difference and is something I owe the wanker consultant for suggesting - the nurses on the children's ward keep telling me about her little vomits during her feeds, that she arched her back a few times and I point out that not even a week ago she was crying through each one, arching her back the entire time, gripping her little blanket in pain. And now, by and large, it's fine, she even sleeps through some of them.

And apart from the first night, she hasn't had sedation since she got there - cuddles rather than drugs and it seems to be doing the trick. She still has unsettled periods at night and is sleeping too much during the day so her body clock is all out of whack but the plan is to work on it, not just to let her continue as she is.

Alice is still just smashing - always bright-eyed, smiling, cooing, mesmerised by nearly everything and so alert. She's a real daddy's girl too - she's constantly watching Paul and what he's up to. And last night she slept from 10pm until 4am - result!


  1. Hoorah for no sedation!!!
    Hoorah for stripy pants and monkey shirts....smashing Boxing Day outfits....I think they're going to need some cowgirl skirts and longhorn t shirts next :)

    Hospitals in general are sad and somber but you guys are holding up great.....I bet Maggie won't remember a thing once she is home and wreaking havoc with Alice!

    Love you


  2. They look so precious together! I think I may have been wrong about Alice looking like Shannon. She totally looks like daddy in these pics (not that we ever met, but I can tell). Love that she's so cheerful, as if she knows she needs to be the life of the party. Well done Alice! And there seems to be some progress with Maggie. It's sad that she's still having tummy aches, but she should grow out of that in a couple of weeks right? Analou was a nightmare to feed the first three months, and then she was fine. And I breastfed, so that has nothing to do with it. But yeah, children shouldn't be hurt, I fully agree. They've done nothing to deserve this. But Maggie's lucky she has doting parents and a lovely little sis (not to mention a big sis and 2 really big brothers)so at least she's surrounded by TLC. As she should be.
    Take care all of you. I'm off to feed my girl her very first birthdaycake. Cheers! Love, Wini

  3. Good progress there, and cute outfits!! Love it!
    Take care all, you are doing a great job, and sound much more positive now, its amazing what a step forward can do for your spirits!
    Take care all,
    Susie xx