Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Results Are In

As Tom said, when I told him: “Get the hip hop on her!”

At last, some good news. Some great news, in fact. Maggie passed her hearing test this morning.

I did think about bunging a load of exclamation marks at the end of that sentence but, really, mere words (and punctuation) couldn’t begin to convey how happy we are about this.

The main thing is that she can hear. But the joy of that is made all the sweeter by the fact that it’s so good to have good news for a change. And it’s significant good news too.

The audiology nurse reckons Maggie’s hearing will be perfectly fine. At the moment she can hear speaking voices at a normal level. She’s not quite picking up on whispering type levels but she thinks this may be due to a spot of glue ear.

Glue ear? Here.

Of course, this means that she’s better equipped for learning and progress - another channel for brain stimulation. Like I know what I’m talking about. But I’d imagine that it makes it all a bit easier. And let’s face it, on a purely practically level it’d have been a pain in the arse her being deaf as well.

But the real joy comes with knowing that she can listen to music. And to me shouting at the telly.

I know it’s a bit corny (and literal) including a song called I Can Hear Music in this post. But it is genuinely one of my favourite songs. The Beach Boys’ version anyway, featuring Carl Wilson on lead (who was also responsible for the peerless vocal on God Only Knows). What a voice. It makes me so happy to know that Maggie will be able to hear it too.

And this. Imagine going through life not being able to hear something as great as this:


  1. Hooray for ears! And yet I'm listening to Joss Stone at the moment, what a waste - for the ears at least... Congrats to the lug holes, see you soon. M

  2. Hooray for hearing, hoorah for Shannon, hoorah for Paul. Hoorah for Maggie and Alice, hoorah for Tom and all the rest of the Saxton clan. And hoorah for this blog - such a great way to keep up with everything happening. Much love J & K

  3. I was checking in to say good luck, but was pleasantly surprised by the news. And a bit weepy. It's wonderful.


  4. Dear Paul and Shannon and Maggie and Alice.
    It's Rosie Duckworth here, I was led to your blog from Paul's facebook status update and have just spent about an hour reading your story and looking at the pictures. Firstly congratulations on the birth of your two gorgeous girls - they really are beautiful. And my heartfelt sympathies for Maggie's circumstances. I think all I can say about that is that I really think she is lucky to have you both as parents - I don't know you very well but I do know you will kick arse to make sure she gets the best possible treatment and care and love and attention. She couldn't be in better hands. I wish you both lots of good news. Rosie x

  5. Hi,
    I am SO pleased for you all, what great news!!!
    Love from Rachel xxxx

  6. ...oh my god I am so pleased!!! I knew she was listening to you Shannon! She knows her mum voice! That is the best news, I am so pleased for you both. Nice pictures of them booth too, bless them. they are lovely together. xx Caroline

  7. YAY Maggie! Hooray for hearing....Could you hear that whoop for joy from Austin??

    Sooooo glad to hear some good news...keep it coming lil Maggie.

    hugs and kisses to Alice as well

    Mary & Bob

  8. Great news, wonderful. Been checking everyday and that's really made my day. Now she can hear all my gags that you've stolen over the years. Keep talking to her. Hearing Mum and Dad will make her feel good.
    All our love.
    Rob, Sal, Ava, Mads, Hal.

  9. Such happy news, at last! Enjoy this moment, and let it lift you up a bit and make you hopeful. You deserve it and Maggie deserves it. Wouldn't want her to miss out on her mummy's unprecedented ability to lull even the worst sleepers in the world to sink into a state of blissful dreaming once she starts telling stories really late at night (not so offensive as it sounds people, Shannon will know what I mean ;-) And so much more of course. Hoorray for ears that work!!
    Be well and take care of each other. Love, Wini

  10. Wonderful, best news!
    Thinking of you all with much love,