Saturday, 5 June 2010

Grammy and Grandpa, Kali and Marlisa

There's so much going on at the moment. Maggie's been ill. I'm currently swamped with work. Shannon's swamped with babies.

As you may know, we had lovely visits recently from Shannon's parents. Followed closely by visits from our friends Kali and Marlisa.

Here are pictures of those visits. Words later.

Click to see the gallery:


  1. Brilliant last pic of Alice & Maggie together on the rug - so lovely!! Tara xxxx

  2. We loved being with you and the girls! Thinking of you every day, with prayers for Maggie to improve and for you guys to keep finding that amazing strength you are pulling from somewhere...

  3. Love the pictures!!! Word has it Maggie resembles me as a baby and Mom has proof in a picture.....I'll be swiping my baby pictures from her when I visit and will do a side by side comparison. Maggie could do worse.....i was an adorable was adolescence that she needs to worry about if she is gonna continue to look like me! Happy 8 month birthday to Maggie and Alice!!!

    love and miss you all tons.