Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Maggie and Alice and Shannon

A few pictures of Alice eating her first ever Farley's Rusk. It's the start of the slippery slope to obesity.

And a couple of pictures of Maggie and Shannon, taken at the beautiful Rosary Road cemetery here in Norwich. More of which can be seen here: Cemetery Pics.

Click the pic to see the pics:


  1. Quite right. I've been told I was partial to a Farley's Rusk as a baby, and now look at me! Nice photos - although the cemetery fixation developing amongst Norwich photographers is starting to worry me. You'll be Goths soon...

  2. Lovely girls. Has the package arrived yet?

  3. those are AWESOME pictures!!! i love all of them!

    bob in tx

  4. Fantastic pics. Love the ones with Shannon and Maggie. See you in 12 days folks!!
    xxx Wini