Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day!

It's been a really difficult time and there's loads and loads we need to catch up on here but first things first - and I can't think of anything more firster than wishing my Paul a very happy Father's Day. He is, quite simply, the best there is - now five times over. Maggie and Alice, and Tom and Louie and Isaac, are very lucky kids to have such an amazing, loving dad.

Hurrah for Paul!!


  1. He sure is, Shannon. Hopefully catch up soon.

    LLots of love

    Sally xxxxxx

  2. And hurrah for Shannon too!!! Sorry haven't commented for AGES.
    Hoping to finally move house this weekend. No kitchen for a couple of weeks but nice chippy nearby...
    Hoping that you are all well.
    The invitation to visit us soon remains open as ever.