Sunday, 25 October 2009

Alice Comes Home

Alice came home yesterday. And although she's been a good girl, it's easy to forget how much attention babies require. Hence the lack of posting here and the lack of correspondence.

We took her home late yesterday afternoon, stopping off at Tesco and Homebase. At Tesco I left a note on the windscreen of the car of some idiot who, while clearly not disabled, decided to park in one of the disabled spots. That kind of thing would wind me up anyway but, for obvious reasons, it wound me up even more this time. The note was quite unpleasant. Well-worded, concise and unpleasant. Hopefully it'll make him think twice before doing it again. Or perhaps instead it'll make him even more determined to park where he shouldn't. The inconsiderate twat.

It's funny, but I really despised him for making me think about the sadness of our situation while we were taking our daughter home - something that should have been a joyous occasion.

Luckily, it was a joyous occasion.

For her trip home, Shannon decked Alice out in a full green body suit with green hat and mittens. She looked like a little frog. Admittedly, a rather cute little frog. We worried about her being a bit too small for her car seat but she was fine. We should have carried her home on a lily pad.

At home she settled in pretty much straight away. Tom was delighted to see her. So much so that he insisted on feeding her later. It's good to see that she's got a big brother who will always keep an eye out for her. Right Tom?

We all sat together and watched X-Factor, Alice not stirring for any of the 'artists' (artists my arse). I think Rachel may be my new favourite.

In the hospital, Alice was extremely good at sleeping. At home she's very good too. Except she was a bit up and down during the night. First of all, she was in her new cot which must have seemed like an endless vista of bed compared to the confined spaces of the hospital cribs. Secondly, the room was dark and quiet. No constant bleeping sounds, no jabbering nurses, no doors crashing open, no trays being dropped, no noise from the other babies. But although we know she can easily sleep through that kind of racket, we soon fell into the business of creeping around like slipper-footed mice, shhhhing all the way. Maybe it's too quiet for her.

So she was up reasonably early and Shannon let me sleep in a bit. Which was very nice of her.

Up and about this morning and off to the hospital to see Maggie where we were met by our friend Louisa, who came bearing lovely gifts and a smile. She stayed for a little while, keeping us and the girls company. Maggie is doing well, with no real change except that the nurse said she seemed to need less suction for her saliva. Which may indicate that she's swallowing better. Go girl! Again, it's just so hard to believe that anything could be wrong with her.

Later that afternoon we returned home to greet my old friend Rob, also bearing lovely gifts, who came all the way from Nottingham. That may not sound like a big deal but he's been promising to come and see us in Norwich for around ten years now. At last, he made it. A few laughs, dinner, drinks and the crappy X-Factor results show. He's good, that Danyl, but really - who cares?

I played Alice her first proper song in the car today. It was this:

She loved it.

Pictures below from yesterday and today (click to see them big):

Tom and Alice

Paul & Maggie




Shannon & Maggie
Shannon, Louisa &
The Girls
Paul, Shannon &
The Girls


  1. Boooo for inconsiderate twats. Hurrah for everyone else. Glad to hear Alice is settling in well to home life. She's just warming everything up for Maggie. You guys look great and the girls, of course, are cute, beautiful, and gorgeous.

    Package is in the mail tomorrow, I promise. Hopefully it arrives before I do.

    Thinking of you everyday.....

    Bob and Mary

  2. I am relieved she is sleeping well and getting used to crappy tv. Did nothing for Analou when we brought her home. She ended up crying for 12 weeks! I think we overdid it a bit with Eastenders, what do you reckon?
    She looks so tiny but I'm sure she'll pack it on in no time. Welcome home Alice! xxx Wini

  3. i LOVE the picture of Alice in the green outfit!! i hope she sees that picture in 10 years and swears at you both!!!!

    love ya!!

    bob and mary

  4. After having been woken up by Juni's sisters baby over the weekend I wish you luck! Now you've taken that big step how about an immortal step for the twins? Send their names to Mars where they will roam the surface with the newest rover

    Russell x

  5. What a lovely afternoon I spent yesterday meeting Maggie and Alice.

    Maggie and Alice are so very beautiful and very well behaved.

    Big Hurrah for Shannon and Paul (yes Shannon and Paul!!) for being such brilliant wonderful parents. And for being so strong and together with everything that they are facing.

    I hope Alice slept well last night and that Maggie has had a good day.

    If I can do anything please let me know.

  6. Looking good darlings, even Saxton senior, in a lovely " this is knocking me out but still fantastic" kind of way. Along the line the "Mommy "may have to be worked on, but for now I think we can let it slide.
    Love always