Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wednesday 28th

Shannon was going to write something this evening. But it's been one of those days.

Today's pictures of the girls - with Maggie almost awake! - along with our friend Bev who brightened up Shannon's afternoon.


  1. Shannon, you look so gorgeous! And those BABIES are WONDERFUL. i love the alert maggie pictures. :)
    Alice is so spunky, turning her chin up at everything. Squeeze and hug and kiss them all for me, i can't wait to see pictures of the entire Saxton clan when you all get a chance to be together. (hopefully it won't take place in a hospital, boo). but if it does, so be it.
    hope everyone is doing good and maggie continues to heal as much as her little brain and body let her. and you too, shannon, heal heal heal. all my love, and paul--try using a crock pot? fabulous meals super easy...

  2. I that a broody twinkel in Bev's eye? Look out Shawn...

  3. OMG they are mini Pauls - not Bev or Shannon - Maggie and Alice. By the way - is that ginger hair I see! Its a wonderful colouring.

    With much love J & K xx