Saturday, 17 October 2009


Today was a relatively good day. No real change with Maggie. She's still improving, still hanging in there and still giving us hope. I spent a good deal of time with her this evening, stroking her hands and feet and pulling her about a bit. And humming her the theme to Charlie Chaplin's Limelight*. It seemed to fit.

Alice is utterly gorgeous, is developing brilliantly and is doing everything we'd expect her to do. I even changed her nappy today and was caught by her pooing as I was halfway through. Lovely. She also spent a good half hour in my arms, staring at me and listening to me alternately singing to her and telling her all about her big sisters. Not a peep. If this isn't just the calm before the storm she's set to be a real dream. Yeah, I know....

We, and the girls, were visited at the hospital today by Emma and her lovely little boy Luca who came bearing gifts and congratulations. She reminded us that there is much for us to be happy about and that we should also be celebrating the birth of our little girls. Although, of course, it's difficult a lot of the time not to focus on the sadness.

Today's pictures. Maggie is 'plugged in' again. She just needs a bit of help breathing at the moment. We were hoping that it'd be off today but maybe tomorrow. As you'll see, she's being watched over by a panda from her big brother Tom and a rabbit from her sister Louie and brother Isaac. Alice is also being guarded in the same way.

Shannon and I had a bit of a night off tonight and sat in front of Harry Hill and X-Factor. I favour Stacey. I even allowed myself to get a little drunk, having not been drinking since last Friday. White wine spritzers and Bloody Marys. What am I turning into?

Click to see the big pics.

* Theme from Limelight by Charles Chaplin:


  1. Wine spritzers and Bloody Marys??? Is this an occasion where Tom might say, "Man up"????

    Maggie and Alice look darling.....perfectly guarded by Panda and Rabbit. Tell them I will be there in 5 weeks.

    xoxo Mary and Bob

  2. Alright, I have now found out how to read the rest of your posts and am even going to go all out and try a post of my very own. All this talk of numbers has brought me to think of what number I may be on the list, actually don't answer that. It was more than amazing to see you all on Sunday, whatever number I am, I felt very honored and privileged to share such a difficult and intimate time with you guys. Loved reading your posts, so great to read you both keeping a sense of humor through all of this. Gawd yer gonna need it with a house full of girls. Can't wait to see you all on the outside when your lives can really begin again. Keep on doing what you are doing, you don't need me to tell you that things are going to be all right. Em x

  3. X Factor? C'mon it should be Strictly! Good to see all the photos of you all and to keep hearing the news. Dont know if these words of hope but seing the girls so small and with their wires attached reminds me of Kim when she was first born - 5 weeks early and with a few problems - but look at her now! With all our thoughts. J & K xx