Friday, 23 October 2009

Maggie's MRI #2

The nice part of today was whizzing round town picking up all the things we need for Alice coming home on Saturday. All the things we should have bought ages ago but didn't because... well, because we're like that. And so what?

The bad part of today was hearing from the doctor who said that the radiologist - the fella who did Maggie's MRI scan - believes that the damage is more severe, rather than mild.

So what we have left is hope. And disbelief. Because when we see her it just seems impossible that there's anything wrong with her. Impossible and not right and not fair.

Thank you for the wonderful comments yesterday. They really did help.

Especially this, from Ian:

"...what im trying to say is the consultant looked at the scan and said if izzy wasnt stood there I'd say from this scan that this child would never walk."

Like I said, hope.


  1. The photos are precious. It's good to see you all - Shannon you look great, Paul you look crap, anyone would think you've just given birth to twins!:-) And you're right - they don't betray the angst you're going through. The girls are beautiful, and serene. I'm looking forward to seeing them soon.
    On a practical note - once Alice is home - if you need someone to be with her while you go to the hospital to be with Maggie, I can do that.
    But hopefully see you all soon. As always, love and thoughts
    Bev xxxx

  2. hang on in there guys. We're thinking of you, hoping too. Give us a shout when you're up to visitors and, well, we'll come visit.

  3. Likewise, let me know when you are wanting visitors- I am more than happy to make myself useful- I also get terribly excited about the prospect of going shopping for cuddly toys and the like. Enjoy tomorrow. If you need anything at all, just ask. With lots of love, Rachel xxxxxx