Sunday, 18 October 2009


For the first time, Alice was tube and monitor free today. Not hooked up to anything. And in a proper little cot. We fed her, changed her and had loads of cuddles. She was very bright and alert and was also quiet and placid. She barely cried – and only then very briefly when we wiped her very sore bottom.

She’s perfect and she’s making fantastic progress. The only thing that hurts about that is that her sister should be right there with her.

There’s no real change with Maggie. She’s feeding well, resting well, breathing well and reacting well. Shannon changed her nappy, through the holes in the side of the incubator. She – Maggie - even pooed as she – Shannon - was doing it. Hurrah for Maggie poo!

Pictures of Alice below. As you'll see, she's still a little jaundiced. Jaundice - pffft.

No pictures of Maggie though as I couldn't get a nice one without the reflection from the incubator - and, really, she doesn't look any different to the way she looked yesterday. Sorry Maggie - I'll take more of you later!


  1. I'm making some stylish hats for the babes!

  2. look at those fingers! she needs to start piano lessons soon! only thing i want to know is... is her pinky crooked? like her mama!

    thanks for the photos and for the updates. i love that she is looking deeply into your eyes shannon. thats love. any time someone wants to post some pics of paul and his girls... would be good. shannon... maybe snap a pic of paul cooking?

    bye for now!


    bob and mary

  3. Your blog is now part of my daily routine, bookmarked and saved as favourite. I love reading the updates and seeing photos and I agree with Bob and Mary lets get Paul snapped too. Shannon after all you have gone through you are looking fabulous and Alice is just adoring you.

    Hoping today is a really positive day for you all.

    Can't wait to visit you all.

    Lots of love Lou xx (BIG)

  4. As far as I can see Alice does not have her mum's trademark pinkies. Hurrah for no crooked pinkies!! Those are some insanely long fingers on wee Alice. She is absolutely gorgeous.

    I love you, Sis.....but you know that ;)


  5. she's gorgeous. alert. i heart her.
    i also heart the nickname maggie poo. it's sticking.
    pictures of paul a must. any chance it's naked chef he plays in the kitchen? just curious...
    jen and Q

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely little Alice.


  7. she looks totally like you Shannon. She is perfec. I know I'm repeating myself, but I know that as a new mum that's all you want people to say. Until it gets old ;-)Big hug, Winix