Monday, 19 October 2009

Maggie and Alice meet! (sort of...)

We had a pleasant surprise waiting for us when we went to see our girls today - actually being able to see Maggie's face! They'd taken out the ventilator first thing in the morning to see how she did without it and when we left tonight she was still doing fine. As Paul would say, hurrah for Maggie! Not only that, they've stopped her medication (heavy-duty anti-convulsive drip into her stomach) which means she's on the way to being more alert - pulling faces, being more responsive to our touches, etc. It's heartening, heartbreaking stuff, hanging on every little move she makes.

Our friend Tracey came to call on the girls, so she got to see Maggie looking like Maggie, and also got in a little cuddle with Alice too, who was as good as gold for her after being sick on me. Unfortunately we had to put one of the practical presents Tracey brought to use straight away - highly recommended nappy rash ointment for Alice's poor sore little bum. It's amazing she cries as little as she does with a bottom like that, poor little thing.

And because Maggie had so many fewer wires and tubes and attachments, and Alice has none at all, at the end of the day we were able to bring Alice into Maggie's room so the sisters could meet for the first time. They both slept through this special occasion but it meant a lot to us to see them together for the first time - and to have a proper cuddle with Maggie. A very lovely way to end the day.

Click the pics to see them big:

Tom & Alice,
Shannon & Maggie

Tom & Alice

Paul & Alice,
Shannon & Maggie

Paul & Maggie

Paul & Alice

Maggie & Alice



  1. Hi Maggie and Alice.....we are so proud of you for continuing to improve and come off meds, vents, and tubes. Keep it up!!

    For your great accomplishments in your short little lives, a prezzie (or two) will be off for you in the mail. Your mum might love it more than you do right now as it was bought partly with her in mind.

    So glad you've come into this world as might not always like each other but you will eventually realize the great bond you two have as schwesters.

    We love you tons....please give your mum and dad a tight squeeze and lil kiss from us.

    Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob

  2. Brilliant to see the girls together - and with Mum, Dad and Tom too.

    Keep well x Darren.

  3. Hurrah for Maggie not being so wired up :)

    Lovely family pic guys and as Darren says Brilliant to see the girls together.

    See you very soon.

    Lou x (Big)

  4. Dare I say this without Paul shouting 'they look like babies!', but I think that last piccie of wee maggie looks a lot like mama. Do I have to go to the back of the queue for a cuddle now that I have been? Not fair! Favorite Auntie Emma x

  5. Re: Paul and Maggie shot:
    Can't help thinking a shallower depth of field would have helped you stand out from the maze of distracting wiring in the background. Buuuuut, I can see your lens was wide open at 3.5ƒ as it was…

    Re: Paul and Alice shot:
    At long last an art director has taken over and this is an altogether better composition. A tweak on the lighting (off camera flash could have helped with a flattering side illumination here) and a little bit of work in PS and you could submit this for the next Norwich University Hospital Report and Accounts.

    What? Isn't this Flickr?

    Bugger, clicked on the wrong link…

    In all seriousness, good to see you all together… am maintaining positivity in your general direction!


  6. We agree with Emma here, the shot of Maggie looks just like her mum. Russell and Juni xx

  7. Not Emma's mum... Maggie looks like Shannon!

  8. Although I've never met Emma's mum..

  9. I've never seen you looking so smug!

    Hurrah for Maggie, and Alice :-)

    Ben x

  10. maggie's a pipsqueak!!! i love her so much!!
    YEAH for Brudda Tom!!! when do the other kiddos get to meet them?
    or have they already?
    ps. paul and shannon, you both look pale but SUPER SUPER HAPPY!
    hooray for maggie and alice!!!

  11. That's wonderful news, guys. And the pictures are great.


  12. Love seeing the photos and improvements of the gals. Keep them coming!
    We love and miss you all,
    Rob and CB

  13. those are some gorgeous pictures! shannon, you look like someone who loves you is taking good care of you. paul, you look like a proud papa with a beautiful wife and daughters!

    mary has present she wants to mail to you guys so you can have them before she even gets there. maybe i need to remind her to mail them!

    love always
    bob and mary