Thursday, 15 October 2009


Pictures of the girls, taken on Saturday 10th October. Maggie isn't as 'plugged in' now as she was then. In fact, it looks likely that we'll be able to hold her today. Hurrah for holding little babies!

Click the pics to see the bigger versions.



PS A big thank you for all your comments and messages of support - they really do mean a lot.


  1. Oh my they are BEAUTIFUL.

    Small but perfectly formed.

    Hurrah for holding Maggie. Enjoy.

    Thank you for the update.

    Lots of Love Lou (BIG) xx


  2. Hi Petal and Paul:
    It is early here in NYC and I loved clicking to the blog to see your little girls (and Shan--your fingers!) first thing this morning. It has been mighty wonderful to read everyone's posts and we look forward to continue keeping up with the girls' progress. CB's still snooze-a-loosing along with Lola and Cheddar. Miss miss miss you all.

  3. Shannon & Paul,

    They are so cute!! Sending good thoughts your way!!! Thanks for keeping us updated. Thinking of you all often!!

    xoxox Sue your cuz!

  4. Wonderful, precious girls. Jo & Kelvin xxx

  5. Lovely pics! Love to you all and a big "Hurrah" for the WI ladies who knit those diddy, yet someow rather natty, little Benny- hats.
    Helen, Jonny and Boys

  6. Quadruple LOVE THEM!!!! I'm sure you've already gotten a little cuddle in with Maggie. Next time you hold Alice and Maggie please give them an extra little hug and kiss and tell them it is from Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob....all the way from Texas. May as well start teaching them the concept of time and let them know Aunt Mary will be there in person to give more kisses and hugs in just over a month. Stay strong and remember to ask for anything if you should need it. Love you tons...Mary and Bob.

  7. I just discovered this blog after a message from Shannon. Oh my god, they do look really perfect and beautiful! My thoughts are with the four of you every day and I wish you lots of strength and positive thoughts in the coming months and years. If you need anything, just ask.
    For now I can only send you big cyberhugs, Wini xxx